Tecno Electronics.LAZER Servo Motor Controlled Automatic Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturers.

Pure copper winding AVR Voltage Stabilizer & Regulator Manufacturers since 1989.

Tecno Electronics.LAZER Servo Motor Controlled Automatic Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturers.

Tecno Industries (Reg)

Manufacturers of:

SERVO MOTOR controlled, Automatic Voltage Stabilizers & Regulators. (pure copper Winding) Since 1986

Tecno Lazer Pakistan. 0300-9446168

Ring Road, Band Road, Lahore Pakistan.


A Servo Stabilizer That Decreases 30 Volts (back-from 250 to 220 & Increases 70 Volts from 150 to 220) (±) 1%

{CAN STEP-UP from even low (on-demand)}


اَلحَمْدُ لِله

Runs your Equipment Even in Low Main Voltage.


1: ( An Old Transformer / Relay carrying Stabilizer steps down or up after losing or gaining 20-25 Volts While A Servo Stabilizer steps down or up after losing or gaining 1 Volt. (±) 1%)

2: (on-demand) Buck-Boost Transformer Technology add-in 2kVA and above Models. Basically they work on DC Servo Motor Control system. Their efficiency is much better and its output voltage of either 110 or 220 AC or any required voltage, more-over TECNO 3Phase models up-to 500kVA ratings are manufactured against a confirmed order.


1 year warranty with parts.

100% genuine copper winding (GUARANTEED)

Specs for (intelligent Voltage Stabilizer):

SERVO MOTOR controlled, Automatic Voltage Stabilizers & Regulators.

Input Voltage : 150 To 250 AC

Output Voltage : 110v & 220v AC (±) 1%

Frequency  : 45 or 60 Hz

Wave Form : Non-distorted Sine-wave

Response Time : 25ms / V

Efficiency : 95 %

Power Factor : 0.95

Relative Humidity : 30% to 80%

(without condensation)

Temperature Rise : Less Then 50c

Control System : DC. Servo Motor

Insulation Resistance : More then 3M?? at 500V DC

Tested : 1500 V


We Manufacture Servo Motor Controlled Automatic Voltage Stabilizer, using Japanese technology, for UPS, AC Air-Conditioner, Split-Type, Window Type, (LCD/LED TV) Washing Machine, Treadmill, Photocopier Machine. Television, Music System, Refrigerators, Ultra sound Machines, Embroidery Machines, All Sensitive Equipment, Signalling Devices, CNC Machines, Air Conditioning Plants, Telecommunication Networks, Motor Loads, Data Processing Equipment, Bio Medical Equipment, Drives, PLC’s, Induction Heating, Hotels, Defence Application, Industrial Units, Lighting Loads, Residential/ Offices, Farm Houses, R & D Institutions, Mainline Stabilizers, Sophisticated Laboratory Equipment etc.

Runs your Appliances Even in Low Main Voltage.

وولٹیج سٹیبلائزر

Standard Power Ratings Available in Single-Phase & 3-Phase:

500VA, 1kVA, 2kVA, 3kVA, 5kVA, 10kVA, 30kVA. Up-to 500kVA

Punjab NWFP, KPK, & All Pakistan Cargo,

Feel Free to Call:

Rana Naeem Ullah Khan.


Tecno Industries (Pvt) Ltd Lahore.


[email protected]

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Address & Contact

Contact Person:
Naeem Ullah Khan.
Band Road, Ring Road Lahore Pakistan. 54000
Contact Number:


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